The Path of Grey Owl – a Goh Iromoto film

This film by Goh Iromoto sheds light on the remarkable story of Grey Owl (Archibald Belaney), an Englishman who chose to take on the identity of a member of the First Nations people in Ontario, Canada. He was most noted for his work as a conservationist, protecting animals such as the beaver that were essential in maintaining the forests and landscapes in Ontario. Evidence of his work as a conservationist still remains today in Canada. This video also showcases the beauty of the boreal land in Temagami, Ontario, a place I was fortunate enough to experience on our canoe trip in August 2015. Itching to go back.

“We belong to it” – a film by Goh Iromoto

After watching this amazing video today by Goh Iromoto, I knew I had to share. It features the legendary Ray Mears as he paddles his way through Northern Ontario in Wabakimi Provincial Park. I have always respected and admired Ray Mears and have learned a great deal from his books and videos. Definitely got me excited for the upcoming paddling season. Enjoy.