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  1. Heading down for a similar trip (inspired by yours) in a few weeks, any chance you’d give me an idea of the location of this campsite? Trying to do some scouting. Thanks!


    • Hey Nick, glad to hear you’re making the trip, it’s definitely worth it. Here’s some info I shared with another reader about the campsites. Hopefully it answers your question.

      Lake Moomaw has several backcountry sites. Basically when you get to the marina, you will have the option of going the main route (to the right) or to the lesser known route (to the left). There are primitive camping sites to the far left at McClintic point although I have never camped there before. I hear it is nice. The main primitive camping sites are at Greenwood point. Just to the west of Greenwood point, is an awesome spot that we camped at last time, it is separated from Greenwood point and its about 50 feet away. isolated and covered with trees. I have been to Moomaw twice now, and both times I have only seen 1 other person back country camping. The first time I had greenwood point all to myself and the second time there was one person at greenwood and I was at the place to the west. There are however motorboats that go around fishing during the day that can be annoying sometimes but it’s a huge lake and they can be avoided. In terms of gear, we bring our usually canoe camping gear, a food barrel/cooler, sleeping pads, tents, layers of warm clothing, water filter, although before you launch there is an area where you can fill a water canister if you have one. If you’re an angler, then you’re in luck, it’s a place with numerous species of fish. Also your usual cooking stoves, equipment, etc. The thing is, we paddle into our site instead of hike, so all of our gear is in waterproof bags. Anyways, hopes this help. Lake moomaw rocks

      Here’s a link to a pretty good map of lake moomaw: http://www.hikingupward.com/GWNF/LakeMoomaw/



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