Angel’s Landing – Zion National Park, Utah

On January 13, 2012, we stopped by Zion National Park on a road trip through the American Southwest at the recommendation of one of my friends. I am definitely glad we listened, because the ascent up to Angel’s Landing is one I’ll never forget. The beginning of the 5 mile trail, follows the Virgin River along a dirt path. As we climbed higher, the trail transforms into a paved stone pathway up the mountain. There are a series of 21 steep switchbacks before reaching Scout Lookout (the last point of return). From here on, the ascent to the top of Angel’s Landing would be a treacherous path consisting of steep drop offs on both sides while navigating tiny stone walkways. Most areas had chain-link hand rails to cling on to while scaling the side of the mountain. The national park recognizes five fatalities along Angel’s Landing, but more have been reported. With cold winds and ice in January, it was a test of nerve for sure, but ultimately a rewarding view. Incredible place.

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