Lake Moomaw – George Washington National Forest, Virginia

IMG_7303Nestled deep in the George Washington National Forest, Lake Moomaw is a gem very few paddlers know about. The lake is formed by the Gathright Dam on the Jackson River. With many areas of the lake reaching depths of over 100ft, it provides a cooler habitat for trout to thrive….an angler’s paradise. On a rainy friday, we made our way to the VCU Outdoor Adventure Program on the Monroe Park Campus. Canoes can be rented on Friday and kept over the weekend for only $20. We picked up two of them and set out on a Saturday morning in April of 2014 to paddle the turquoise waters.  It was a particularly windy day and we battled the current. The scenery was not one we expected in Virginia, it was actually more similar to the northern states and Canada. Simply a beautiful place. We will definitely be returning.


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