Mt Rainier National Park – Washington, USA

seattlemapWith so many famous parks to see in the pacific northwest, It was difficult to choose one to explore. In a split decision between Olympic National Park and Mt Rainier, we opted for the latter. Mt Rainier holds the title as the fifth national park in the United States and is famous for the subalpine meadows, old growth forests and 25 glaciers. The centerpiece: the stratovolcano that towers over 14 000 ft, known as Mt Rainier. Apparently, summer is the best time of year to visit, when the skies are clear and the best views can be obtained. In the early spring, it was wet, rainy and foggy. One step into this landscape and we knew we were in temperate rainforest.

The land is certainly different from the eastern forests that we are used to in Virginia and Ontario, the ground is lush with vegetation and water seemed to be present in all nooks of the forest. Small streams seemed to course their way through the entire forest. The evergreens, towered above us and created a canopy unlike any that I’ve seen. As with most things, our time here was much too short. Magical park.

3 thoughts on “Mt Rainier National Park – Washington, USA

  1. We visited a year ago in August. It was clear and dry. We approached from the east entrance. Our hike was gorgeous. Last month, our son and his good friend rode bikes and camped all the way around the mountain. They loved it.

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  2. Cool photos and a nice post, even for someone who looks out at the Washington Cascades every morning for his back porch. Give me a shout next time you’re in the neighborhood and we’ll share the view and a cup of coffee.

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