Old Town Discovery – FURY

On June 23, 2015, we drove an hour and a half to Farmville, VA to check out some canoes at the Appomattox River Company, the largest canoe supplier in central Virginia. It was over 100 degrees F and I was in shirt and tie from work, dripping in sweat as we navigated through the warehouse. The guys there were super helpful and knowledgable. We originally came to check out Nova Craft canoes, but they really didn’t have the models we were after. We originally sought the light yet tough materials such as Royalex but ever since the company stopped producing this material, Royalex canoes have been hard to find. Since we are mostly paddling rivers, we needed something more durable. After much debate, we decided that the best canoe for us at this time was the Old Town Discovery 15,8 (2015). Built like a tank and almost as heavy as one too at 87lbs, this is the workhorse for most outfitters because of the durable three layer polyethylene construction. The best thing about the 2015 models are the new webbed seats, upgraded from the terrible, formed plastic seats. I figured if we can portage an 87lb canoe, kevlar will feel like paper. We are proud of our new addition to the family, her name? Fury. Time to find some paddles.

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