New beginnings on the Chesapeake Bay

We explored the lands of my father’s cottage at the opening of the Chesapeake Bay. It has always been his dream to build a cottage and a retreat for all of his kids and grandkids to enjoy. Our quick survey of the land was promising; the area was teeming with wildlife. From herons, egrets and hawks to oysters and of course the Chesapeake blue crab. Back in the 1600s, the blue crab was a crucial source of food for Native Americans and European settlers in the Chesapeake Bay area. Today, this crustacean is an icon of the Chesapeake Bay region and their success in these waters have allowed numerous restaurants and businesses to thrive in the Virginia and Maryland. I don’t know much about trapping crabs, but it’s time to get out there and learn. Maybe even learn to raise some oysters along the way….

2 thoughts on “New beginnings on the Chesapeake Bay

  1. Just imagine the possibilities. The idea of having a place where the whole family can “get away” to was the inspiration behind us finding Mowich Camp. We’ve had so much fun up there, during all 4 seasons. This spring we’re going to build a new “Bunkie” to accommodate overnight guests during the winter. That plan has been slowed down a bit by the late massive dumping of snow and a kitchen remodel at our everyday house…But it’s coming. I’m excited for you (and your family) to create such a place of your own! Oh, and by the way, you have an open invitation to our camp anytime to wander out to the Pacific Northwest. Cheers my friend.

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    • We are very excited Kat! Mowich camp looks awesome and I was actually thinking of your setup when my dad said he wanted to have a place for the grandkids. That is so kind of you to extend the invitation to the pacific northwest, it sounds just glorious out there. The cottage is not really usable in its current state, but once we setup and get some renovations underway, the invitation is open to you and your family! Hope all is well Kat.

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