Patagonian horses

I’ve always liked this photo for some reason. Even though the framing of the shot is not perfect, I still like the landscape painted by the different colors of horses. I took this photo back in 2016 in Patagonia (Chilean side). I noticed that the horse manes are cut to different lengths. I speculate that this has to do with the level to which the horses are tamed? Not sure…

2 thoughts on “Patagonian horses

  1. Beautiful shot! My guess would be that the horses that appear to have short manes simply have hair that is lying on the other side of the neck. The way at horse’s hair grows, it will favor one side or the other.


  2. I can see why you like the shot. I’m still thinking about all those Icelandic horses we saw last month. They kind of get in your head and stay there. Happy holidays my friend.


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