A lagoon in Patagonia

A lonely lagoon in Patagonia. I was always amazed at how much tide these small bodies of water harnessed. It seemed like the winds at the southern tip of the planet were always howling… it made you feel like you really were at the ends of the world. A beautiful and powerful place. I took this photo back in 2016 in Torres Del Paine National Park – Patagonia (Chilean side).

3 thoughts on “A lagoon in Patagonia

  1. Hi John, I have read these types of oscillations in a lake are called “seiches”. There was a theory at one time that they were the real cause of what people thought was the Loch Ness Monster in Loch Ness. … a seiche pushing up submerged logs in the otherwise calm Loch which folks thought was the Monster. Beautiful photo!


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